Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring Sale Canceled

We're sorry but due to low application turn out we are going to have to cancel the spring sale. If you turned in an application your money will be returned to you ASAP thank you!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tips for Sellers

It is completely up to you if you want to bargain. If you are not willing to barter on the price, you may want to post a sign stating that all prices are firm. If you are willing to bargain, you may want to post a sign stating that no reasonable offer refused.

Clearly label each item with price and size. It also helps to sort your items by size.

Bring enough bags (plastic or paper) to offer to your shoppers for the items they purchase.

Make sure you have plenty of $1 bills and change!

Don’t leave your money accessible to the general public. A hip bag or apron with pockets is a good idea.

If you have more items than can fit on your table, consider leaving them in totes or boxes under your table and bring them out as you sell items. Begin with your best items or best priced items on the table to begin the sale.

Make sure that your items are clean and in good working order.

If you are selling large items, make sure they are clean as well. People are more likely to buy items that look newer than ones they would have to clean before using.

Make sure your multiple-piece items are connected together with safety pins or put in a zip lock bag.

If you are sharing a table with someone else, make sure that you have different tags to collect as you make a sale to assure both parties get their rightful monies.

Be selective when deciding which clothes to bring. People will be looking for quality clothes in good shape – no stains or broken zippers – and will pay accordingly.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Tips for Shoppers

Get there early!

If at all possible have exact change ready for the entrance fee.
(Getting folks in goes much more quickly if the workers are not making change.)

Bring a friend. You can split up and cover twice as many tables quickly.

Consider renting your own table. If you have a table, you get to shop the other tables before the sale opens to the public.

The sale can get very crowded, therefore strollers are not recommended.

If you can go child-free, it will be easier for you and your child. If you have to bring your children, bring a friend, dad, or grandparent to help.

Make space in the trunk of your car - you never know what you may need to take home!

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You might even want to leave that heavy jacket in the car!

Bring enough cash and keep the bills small!

Keep your money easily accessible but safe. A hip bag is a good idea.

If you are looking for large items, visit the large item area first as these items usually go fast!

Bring a large tote bag to carry your purchases.

Don’t be afraid to make an offer for an item.

Check all items carefully before buying. Check for broken zippers, missing buttons, stains, rips, or tears (especially along seams).

If you are looking at a toy, make sure all of the pieces are included.

If you are not looking for large items, consider arriving later during the sale. Most sellers will be willing to bargain as it gets closer to closing time.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Spring 2015 Contract

Flagstaff Mom2Mom Sale
Seller Information, Contract & Registration

Date:                Saturday, April 25, 2015

Time:                8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Location:                      Flagstaff Community Christian School (FCCS) / Flagstaff Middle School Complex,
755 N. Bonito Street, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Sale Information:

Set up will be from 6:00- 8:00 pm on Friday, April 24, 2015.  Sellers must FIRST check in before proceeding to their space for set up. Once checked in, sellers do not need to check in again when arriving for the sale. Sellers and Vendors must set up on Friday night. Sellers must be in the doors by 7:30 AM on Saturday.  No refunds will be given for no shows/late arrivals.

From approximately 7:30 AM to 8:00 AM sellers will be allowed to "presale" at each other’s spaces when seller is present. After that, Sellers and Vendors need to be in their space to sell their items to the outside shoppers. There are no pre-sales allowed on Friday night.

Seller Expectations:

For the sake of other sellers and shoppers, please, no strong scents or perfumed products that could affect allergies or other health concerns. Be aware that health concerns may cause some items to be removed from the sale.

Sellers and Vendors are expected to stay at their tables until 1:00 PM. Do NOT start packing up prior to the end of the sale as a courtesy to shoppers who may come later. You are responsible for clearing your 10 foot space of all items and taking them home.  Vendors must check –out there spots before leaving.

If you do not wish to keep your unsold items, a local thrift store will be coming at 1:30 PM to pick up any items you would like to donate. You must be available to load the items in their truck at 1:30 PM.

Sellers and Vendors are expected to provide their own change, their own bags, and are responsible for the collection and payment of all taxes, which may be due and payable as a result of sales made.  Our venue will not provide these items. Sellers and Vendors are also expected to act as their own security for items that they bring to sell. FCF MOPS and FCCS cannot be responsible for any losses, damages, or theft.

Sellers can rent a 10X10 space for $15 to sell gently used items your family no longer needs. Direct Sales Vendors can rent a 10X10 space for a fee of $30 to participate in the sale. These spaces do not include a table. If you need a table for your items, we have a limited number of round tables to rent for an additional $5. All sellers and vendors must keep their items in the area assigned to them and not have items protruding out into the walkways where they may cause someone to fall or trip.  Each space includes 2 large items free of charge to be placed in the Large Item Area.

A maximum of two adults (15 years & older) per table will be admitted for set-up and running of the table.

Sellers are responsible for pricing and tagging their own items, any signage and arranging them in an attractive and orderly manner. This will help them sell their items.

Sellers are asked to not bring children with them to the sale. (Infants and breastfed children are welcome as long as they are supervised at all times.)  Unsupervised children will not be permitted to roam through the sale unattended.
Large Items

There will be a “Large Item” area where sellers and vendors can place items for $2.00 per item priced at $49 and under, and $4.00 per item priced $50 and higher.  Each vendor who has purchased a table space may place 2 Large Items free of charge.  Anything larger than 2’ x 2’ must be placed in the Large Item Area, ie: bouncers, swings, strollers, etc. to maintain clear pathways in the shopping areas, and for greatest visibility, hence sale-ability for items.

PLEASE take the time to think about how many large items you will have and register an estimated number. Please bring all Large Items to the Friday night set-up to allow the organizers time to prepare the area. We cannot GUARANTEE that we will be able to accept more items the day of the sale.

No car seats manufactured before 2007 or recalled items. Sellers must sign a form releasing FCCS and the organizers from any responsibility should the seller be found to have sold items that have been recalled.

Participants are required to provide the organizers with a detailed list of each large item and price during set-up on Friday, April 24, 2015 if not completed on the contract prior to this date. Large items need to be clean with working batteries. We reserve the right to refuse items not in good repair. Each participant will be given an envelope at check-in for their large items. If the item sells during the sale, the money will be held in that envelope for you to pick up at the end of the sale.


Contracts and Registration Info need to be mailed in or dropped off prior to 9am on Thursday, April 16, 2015. This will insure that you have a space in our next sale at the posted fees. If space is available, contracts will be accepted up to our final deadline of Monday, April 20, 2015. However, the posted fees will be increased $5 for both sellers and vendors for contracts not received by April 16, 2015 9AM.

PLEASE NOTE - For our Spring 2015 sale, we will not be accepting contracts past the final deadline of Monday,
April 20, 2015.

Please be sure to follow our blog and facebook page for the most up to date information. If there is a cancelation due to extreme weather, it will be posted online.

For more ideas, see Tips on thefacebook page

Questions? E-mail

Thank you once again for being part of our Mom2Mom sale.

Seller and Vendor Contract for Flagstaff Mom2Mom Sale – April  25, 2015

Seller Information

Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________City, State, Zip: ______________________________________

Phone Number: (mobile) ___________________________ (home) _______________________________________

Email: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Name of Business (if applicable) ___________________________________________________________________

Description of clothing items to be sold (check all that apply)
Baby Girl (NB-24M)

Baby Boy (NB-24M)

other (describe):

Toddler Girl  (2T-5T)

Toddler Boy (2T-5T)

Kid Girl (4-12)

Kid Boy (4-12)           

Teen Girl

Teen Boy

Direct Sales

Description of Large Items
(If you are willing to go lower than the starting price, the Large Item workers will reduce the price only if asked to make a deal, and only in $5 increments. If you do not wish to haggle on price, please mark the price as FIRM.)

Item Description
Starting Price
Lowest Price
Example: Graco Pack n Play

Space Rental and Large Item Options
Amount Due
Direct Sales Vendor Space - $30 (10X10 Space - Table Not Included)

Seller - 10x10 foot space - (Table Not Included, 2 Large Items at no additional charge)

Table Rental (Round Table - limited quantity available - first come, first serve)

Large Items (more than 2 total - priced under $49)

Large Items (more than 2 total - priced above $49)



Please Add an Additional $5 per space if Contract and Registration
are not received prior to 9am on Monday, April 20, 2015

Make check or money order payable to: FCF MOPS.  Write Mom 2 Mom in the memo line. Please do not send cash through the mail!  Send your payment and signed contract to: FCF, ATTN: Melisa Barrick, 123 South Beaver, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Please keep the first two pages for your information.. Pages 3 and 4 must be completed in full and sent in with payment. The contract and registration is not valid unless all pages are included with full payment.


The above fees are used to help cover the cost of putting on the sale.  Refunds will only be given if the event is cancelled by FCF MOPS.  We will gladly refund your money if we cancel the event in some unforeseen circumstance. If you find that you cannot attend the sale, you are more than welcome to find a replacement, and your replacement can reimburse you. Your replacement must fill out this contract as well. We need to have a contract for each seller prior to the start of the sale. We hope you understand why we have this policy.

Lead Law:

NOTICE: The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a new law on the resale of children’s items (for children up through age 12). The new law took effect February 10, 2009.The new law makes it unlawful to sell recalled products or any item that exceeds new lead limits. Resellers need to pay special attention to certain products like, cribs, play yards, children’s jewelry, or stuffed toys with small parts.
Please go to for more information.

I have been made aware of the law and am not selling any recalled or illegal items to the best of my knowledge. If an item that I sold is found to have been recalled or illegal, it is my responsibility and not the responsibly of FCCS, FCF MOPS or any M2M organizers.

I agree with all the rules and regulations listed above.

Name ____________________________________________________________

Signature_______________________________________________      Date ___________

Spring 2015 Mom2Mom Sale Date Set!!!

Flagstaff Mom2Mom Spring 2015 Sale has been officially scheduled....
When: Saturday, April 25, 2015
Time: 8:00am - 1:00pm
Where: Flagstaff Community Christian School (FCCS)/Flagstaff Middle School Complex,
             755 N. Bonito Street, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Looking forward to seeing you all there! :)